P A C O (Patrick S. Müller)

Patrick S. Müller began to make music at the age of 5 and he start how the most kids start their musical career: with the recorder and as a member of the school-choir!!

Then he first changed to the classical-, later to the electric-guitar with 10 and after an encounter with drums and piano (as well as soccer!!!), he started playing the electric-bass by the age of 15.

In this early period of time he was deeply influenced by two very different kinds of music: on the one hand there was “Die Moldau” by Friedrich Smetana his mother listened to very often. On the other hand there were the “Schlager”-Songs his grandparents listened to before he finally got in contact with the famous rock-band Queen, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Starlight Express” and the Beatles – a very brecious and character defining time for his own music… Because of that he also started composing at the age of 13 and this experience of writing your own music was crucial for his career aspirations – he just wants to make music! And he has worked hard for it…

At the age of 17 he changed to the 6-string bass, also called contrabass-guitar. Responsible for this change of heart was John Myung, the impressive bassman of the progressive-rockband “Dream Theater” Paco was a big fan of. And one year later he left school without graduation and started his professional music career…

Initially as an autodidact he later got lessons and went to workshops with old German jazz-heroes, like Günter Lenz, Bernd Konrad, Michael Kersting, Jiggs Wigham and Paul Schwarz. Now the love-hate with jazz-music started and has never changed – like an old married couple that need themselves.
In 2001 he began his studies in music and studio-technology at the University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart with Henrik Mumm and Mini Schulz and 2006 he passed with distinction. He also had courses for composition and arranging with Frank Sikora and Klaus König.

In these years at the University he got in touch with very different kinds of music, mainly with Contemporary Music. He worked for famous composers such as Ulrich Süsse, Marco Stroppa, David Mason, Dorothée Brämer and Marta Gentilucci. But he also made experiences with classical-, eastern European- and orchestral-music.

Before and next to his studies he was a member of several rock- and jazz-groups e.g. PLAYSTATION, HOPF, HORO – the eastern jazz ensemble, FLYMOE, FREISTIL and DUST ‘n BREEZE, as an artist and sideman on stage and in the studio e.g. for Florence Joy, Judy Bailey, Andi Weiss, Mona Suzann, and many others… He also played with the NEW EUROPEAN FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA MINSK (RU), the EUROPA PHILHARMONIE (EU) as well as the SÜDPOOL ORCHESTRA (GER). And finally he also had a great time as an former member of the JUGENDJAZZORCHESTRA Baden Württemberg (GER).
Currently he performs with different ensembles e.g. MAG (Matthias-Anton-Group), with the Free-Jazz project ELEMENTE and his own band PACO at festivals. In the past he had tours and concerts everywhere in Germany and all over Europe as well as Asia, Russia and Israel/Jordan.

Since the year of his decision when he started focusing on becoming a musician he worked besides his activities as an artist as a producer, recording- and mixing-engineer particularly for several up coming groups and artists. As a sound-engineer and sound-designer e.g. for the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, SWR/SDR and Pegasus Studiosound. In this period of time he worked also e.g. for Mike Stern, Charlie Byrd, Carola Grey, Bill Bruford and Melva Houston – and he learned a lot…

Besides his own work he always wrote and edited contract works: he composed, arranged, conducted, supervised and was musical director for several music-shows, choirs and theatres. His latest projects were with the association WÜRTTEMBERGER RITTER (Tourneymusic for Symphony Orchestra); JUMP Heidenheim: LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, X-MAS WALK ON BROADWAY; Theaterhaus Stuttgart/Benz-Shows: THE FLYING DUTCHMAN (Rock-Oper); Operafestival Heidenheim: RESPECT! as well as commercials for customers of industry and economy.

Through the years TV-Gigs, several prizes and awards (PROMIKON Award 2005 national, twice a nomination for the BADEN WÜRTTEMBERGISCHER JAZZPREIS,…) have made him a hard working sound-tinkerer, who’s versatile, experienced and creative with an independend sound. Classic and rock, jazz and pop, world-music or folk-music; Paco is everywhere at home - because he loves music!!!
Since 2004 he teaches bass-guitar and leads ensembles at different music-schools. In 2006 he worked for one year at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart as a tutor for studio-technology.
Since 2006 Paco is an Endorsement-Artist for WINDMILL-Bassguitars and one year later he performed at the European Bass-Day 2007.

In the same year he launched his own music studio/composing workstation CARPE DIEM. Following in 2011, he has established the P|A|C|O Group, a team of ambitious and creative people from all areas of the music business. In his function as an Executive and Creative Supervisor of the P|A|C|O Group he not only works as a producer and composer/arrangeur but also operates in the group of Conception/Development, Script/Libretto and Stage Direction.

After the first years as an autodidact and the experiences he made his most influenced by such pop- and rockartists like Peter Gabriel and Genesis, Paul McCartney and the Beatles, Eric Clapton and Cream, Trevor Rabin and Yes, Pink Floyd, Toto, Simple Minds, Steve Morse and Deep Purple and – Randy Newman.
In the world of soundtracks and serious music there is to name but a few Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Mark Mancina, James Newton Howard, Trevor Horn and Thomas Newman as well as Jim Beard, Philip Glass and Rabih-Abou Khalil.
Later and newer influences are Peter Tchaikovsky, Alan Silvestrie, John Williams and L. van Beethoven, the old buddy!

Certainly not to forget bassheads and jazz-musicicans like Jack Bruce, Tony Levin, Paul McCartney, Marcus Miller, Mark King, Jaco Pastorius, Matthew Garrisson and his all time heros Stanley Clarke and Anthony Jackson. ☺
But in the end for Paco the greatest inspiration and influences have always been the stories he watches, reads and listens to. Inspired by movies, people and stories he still writes and creates his own music just like in the first days when he recognized and learned how to transform emotions into music. And that’s the greatest luck on earth!


”In the jazz-world I’m the rock-guy –
in the rock-world I’m the jazz-guy.
Hey fellas: I’m nothing of it - I’m only a musician
and by the way the ‘loudest’ bass-player of the world
– or so they say!!”