Paco has worked as a producer, composer, arrangeur, score editor as well as an engineer for Recording, Mixing, Sound-Design and Mastering in the past. Look at his overview list of references and see why he has knowledge about every step in a production process…no matter what style of music!!

Visit his new residential project studio facility CARPE DIEM in Steinheim am Albuch on the Swabian Ostalb in the centre of the world-famous “Steinheimer Becken” (Crater of Steinheim), a unique speciality, created by a meteorite impact.

The CARPE DIEM Studio has a very individual approach; it is more than just a composing workstation and recording studio. It comprises a 90 sqm big rehearsal space, a play area next and connected to the studio. The idea behind that is to offer space and versatility on a grand scale that provides both interesting and alternative methods for creativ working, live recording and tracking in a beautiful quiet landscape away from everyday hustle and bustle.

A detached building flooded with sunlight, even with the ground, unloading and car parking area even for trucks only 10 metres distant, authentic heathlands and 24/7 working time to make some noise and get up to speed offers you very flexible and spontaneous undreamed of possibilities.
The result is a studio that embraces the natural environment of light and freedom, calmness and inspiration and an atmosphere that has nothing but the claustrophobic feel of many other recording studios.

And it is Paco’s “Home & Castle”, a part of a dream and a kind of environment: a safe haven to retreat to and where the creating and recording of art is more important than the art of recording!
We offer a choice of purpose-built, customisable workspaces designed to help you bring out the best in your performance. With a unique and refreshing environment that allows for an immense freedom for you to create, perform and record your music.